Stage Door to Leadership

In an empty theater, an actor stands on the stage overlooking a row of men and women seated in the audience.   These are the decision makers who will decide if he is cast in the play.  The director.  The choreographer.  The producers. The actor is on the last phase of what has been a grueling and lengthy … Continue reading Stage Door to Leadership

Leadership: A Moving Target

Leadership is a moving target.  Try nailing it down and you may be looking for the nail remover in no time.  I heard someone say once that “leadership is one of the most observed and least understood phenomena on earth.” But does it have to be? Can you take the mystery of out it?  Read … Continue reading Leadership: A Moving Target

Lessons from Unknown Leaders

I saw the movie 42 recently and was struck by the leadership lessons it contained. Not just from Jackie Robinson, but also from this other guy named Branch Rickey. Before this movie I had not heard of this man. And that's a shame. Because he was truly a charismatic and transformative leader. He had guts. … Continue reading Lessons from Unknown Leaders

Exit Survey Blind-Side

Have you ever been surprised by what your employees said about you on the exit survey?  Didn't see it coming? If you work in leadership it is likely you are familiar with the assertion that employees leave their managers, not their companies.  The claim is you may work for the greatest company in the world, but … Continue reading Exit Survey Blind-Side