Exit Survey Blind-Side

exit signHave you ever been surprised by what your employees said about you on the exit survey?  Didn’t see it coming?

If you work in leadership it is likely you are familiar with the assertion that employees leave their managers, not their companies.  The claim is you may work for the greatest company in the world, but if your manager is lousy then you are not long for the door.  Whether backed by scientific research, personal experience, or gut, most agree this claim is true.

But if we are blind to how our leadership style is distressing an employee, then we are not in a position to fix things.  As a result, we lose good people.  And let’s face it, we all have blind spots.  We may think everything is coming up roses, but in reality our employees are only feeling the thorns.

So, what can we do about it?

For a simple four-step strategy for avoiding the exit survey blind-side, and keeping good people, read more from my Lead Change Group post on What Employees Will Say About You On the Exit Survey.

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