The One Career Skill You Need NOW

A few years back the company I worked for made a difficult hiring decision. They chose not to hire a qualified candidate for a hard-to-fill position because of something they found on the internet. I don't know the details of what they found, but I do know that it was something this candidate had personally posted … Continue reading The One Career Skill You Need NOW

Exit Survey Blind-Side

Have you ever been surprised by what your employees said about you on the exit survey?  Didn't see it coming? If you work in leadership it is likely you are familiar with the assertion that employees leave their managers, not their companies.  The claim is you may work for the greatest company in the world, but … Continue reading Exit Survey Blind-Side

“Professionalism” – what is it?!

Have you ever heard or uttered these phrases? “Joe is such a professional, isn’t he?” “I want Sally off my team.  She’s not professional.” “Nitesh, let’s discuss your lack of professionalism.” “Sofia, I am impressed with how professionally you handled that situation.  Well done.” How often do we use this term – professional?  I hear … Continue reading “Professionalism” – what is it?!