Follow-Worthy Leaders Do This

Much has been written and talked about on the importance of leading others. But what about leading ourselves? Our ability to self-lead has clear links to our ability to lead others and ultimately achieve success in whatever endeavor we undertake - whether at the gym, on the court or field, at work, home, play or … Continue reading Follow-Worthy Leaders Do This

Your Resume is Lazy

Recently I was talking with a colleague about the "elevator pitch". She looked at me funny and said “what’s an elevator pitch?” Of course, I explained it to her. But, the point of this story is that there may be people in business today who are not familiar with this concept. That means those who … Continue reading Your Resume is Lazy

ish happens

ish. This is the word we use when something is stuck between being and not being. Between is and is not. For example, we might say, “that shirt is red-ish.” Or, “I’m feeling sick-ish.” And sometimes, “the weather is a bit warm-ish.” Describing things as ish is handy, because it helps us avoid committing when we’re … Continue reading ish happens

Leadership Takes the Stage

I recently guest-blogged on the Lead Change Group's site, exploring leadership themes from the world of theater.  Here are two excerpts: Playing the Part of Leader You can learn the behaviors of a good leader, and act like one, but until you truly feel and believe in what you are doing, your “audience” may be … Continue reading Leadership Takes the Stage