9 Reasons I Loved This Semester

Learning Leaders "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" ~JFK A few months ago, forty-six students entered my classroom with the hopes of beginning, continuing, or reigniting their journeys to be successful leaders in life and in business.   Well, actually... most of them were probably just hoping to get an A.  But, now … Continue reading 9 Reasons I Loved This Semester

How to Spot an Over-Delegator

The Over-Delegator I recently observed a leader faced with complete turnover in his department.  He was blindsided with the reality that he was now responsible for handling many of the day-to-day tasks that his team had been responsible for. His problem: he didn’t know the basics. His explanation for not knowing their jobs was that he had … Continue reading How to Spot an Over-Delegator

This Is The Best Leadership Advice

The Best Leadership Advice I Ever Received She said, "Stop trying to be perfect.  It isn't necessary." That little piece of advice offered by a former manager was a game changer for me.  It released me from the impossible pursuit of perfection and enabled me to feel okay with making mistakes. It also allowed me … Continue reading This Is The Best Leadership Advice

3 Ingredients for Learning Leadership Skills

Can someone overcome not being naturally talented at a particular skill? What about newly promoted leaders who find themselves unprepared and ill-equipped for the role? In my latest Lead Change Group post, When Leaders Aren't Born, I offer a fresh perspective on this question and a recipe for learning leadership skills. Here's a brief summary … Continue reading 3 Ingredients for Learning Leadership Skills