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Leadership is About Motion and Emotion

Leadership is About Motion Fundamental to leadership is this idea that you need to know where you're going.  Where are you leading?  What is your destination? Where will you and your organization stand tomorrow where you aren't standing today?  How will your future state be different than the current one? Pick a destination, make a … Continue reading Leadership is About Motion and Emotion

You’re a Leader. Now What?

You're a leader. Now what? Let's explore the answer to this simple question and discover the secret to your leadership success. First, take a moment and finish this sentence: In my organization, my role is... Did you describe your role using your title? If so, that's okay, but I want you to try again. This … Continue reading You’re a Leader. Now What?

12 Sites On Leadership: A Starter List

Alan D Utley


This is the Information Age.

We connect and do business through the internet at an ever increasing speed.

In addition to using the internet and other electronic channels to buy, sell, and trade, we are, more and more, sharing knowledge and best practices on a variety of important business topics.

For example, the internet is abundant with research, blogs, news stories, videos, cartoons, and yes, even haikus on the subject of  leadership.

Google the phrase, “what is leadership” and get 1.42 billion results.  Try “how to lead” and it bumps up to 2.28 billion.

So where would someone new to the study of leadership look for the best stuff?

Well, I don’t know about “the best stuff.”  But to help anyone navigate the digital leadership lane, I have compiled a list of 12 sites for leadership content that I visit frequently, along with their associated Twitter handles.


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9 Reasons I Loved This Semester

Learning Leaders "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" ~JFK A few months ago, forty-six students entered my classroom with the hopes of beginning, continuing, or reigniting their journeys to be successful leaders in life and in business.   Well, actually... most of them were probably just hoping to get an A.  But, now … Continue reading 9 Reasons I Loved This Semester