Follow by Example

Why do we use phrases like "if you're not a leader, you're a follower" and "be a leader, not a follower?" Why is being a follower so bad? Captain Kirk could never have boldly gone where no one had gone before without a team of talented, dedicated, and mindful individuals...or followers. Read my Lead Change … Continue reading Follow by Example

Lessons in Failure from a Success Icon

“Many of life’s failures are men who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up” ~ Thomas Edison Today is the one-year anniversary of the passing of a success icon, Steve Jobs.   Jobs is remembered for his innovation and changing forever the way we compute and consume information.  He left … Continue reading Lessons in Failure from a Success Icon

The Dark Side of Achievement

I took one of those self-assessments a few years back from the Gallup organization.  This one had something to do with discovering my strengths.  Once complete, it generated my top five strength themes.  Mine were Positivity, Intellection, Learner, Developer, and Achiever. The report gave me a description of each of these themes and even offered … Continue reading The Dark Side of Achievement

“Professionalism” – what is it?!

Have you ever heard or uttered these phrases? “Joe is such a professional, isn’t he?” “I want Sally off my team.  She’s not professional.” “Nitesh, let’s discuss your lack of professionalism.” “Sofia, I am impressed with how professionally you handled that situation.  Well done.” How often do we use this term – professional?  I hear … Continue reading “Professionalism” – what is it?!