3 Ingredients for Learning Leadership Skills

BeakerCan someone overcome not being naturally talented at a particular skill?

What about newly promoted leaders who find themselves unprepared and ill-equipped for the role?

In my latest Lead Change Group post, When Leaders Aren’t Born, I offer a fresh perspective on this question and a recipe for learning leadership skills.

Here’s a brief summary of that recipe.

The Three Ingredients

I have always credited effective leadership skill development to a combination of activities, with experience being the most important.  But I also believe something else is required. Something deeper.

1. Desire

First you must have a true desire to learn something new. That desire manifests itself in prioritizing skill development. You have to be hungry to be a better leader and make the time for ongoing development work.

2. Belief

Second you must believe that you can improve.  If you doubt your ability to be better your development stops before it begins. You must have an unwavering belief that, if you put forth the effort and the time, you will get better.

3. Support

The third ingredient required to learn a new skill is an amazing support group.  They can do two things for you:  Root you on.  And allow you the space and the time you need to improve, by effectively playing their individual parts.

A recent personal experience reinforced for me that a skill can be learned.  Even by those who aren’t naturally talented at something.

Read what happened at When Leaders Aren’t Born.

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